Body Art Expo Presents

Horror Tattoo Expo

Phoenix Az. | Nov. 16-18, 2018









Horror Tattoo Expo is a premiere Horror & Tattoo Lifestyle show. Our mad scientists have cooked up the perfect concoction sure to make your skin crawl! Whether your looking for ink or maybe just a fright we’re sure to deliver.
We feature Scare House, Costume Contests, Horror Shows, Scare Actors, Hundreds of Tattoo Artists & Piercers, with special appearances by Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), & much more!
This show is going to raise the dead!

Tattoo Pop Ups & Body Art

Thousands of tattoo artists &
enthusiasts – all in one place.

Freakshows &
Talking Heads

Featuring some of the most
recognizable names and faces in
alternative culture.

Piercings &
Body Suspension

Fleshy pincushions, hooks and needles.

Best Tattoo

From traditional to colored to
themed ink, our tattoo contests have a spot for everyone.


Enter if you dare! Haunted houses

with a unique twist.

Costume Contests

It’s Halloween all year round! We
wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Freakshow

Rizos Scarehouse

Rizo and his band of “miscreations” are sure to make your skin crawl in their scarehouse of horror.

The Agents of Lust

The Agents of Lust bring extreme horror acts featuring staged fire, grinding/sparks, and shock performances.

Creeps for Hire

Whodini brings his troupe of scare actors and horror performers to roam the halls. Who knows what lurks in the dark?

Special Apperances

Butch Patrick

Butch Patrick is synonymous with pop culture and the loveable character of Eddie Munster from the iconic television show, The Munsters! A character role that he embraces for the millions of fans who love The Munsters!


Whether you have seen Butch on TV or have had the opportunity to meet him in person, you got a glimpse of who he is….genuine.


Butch is one of the original Munsters, but the only one touring and meeting Munsters’ fans! He is keeping the Munsters’ alive! Don’t pass up any chance you get to meet Butch Patrick, the memorable and loveable Eddie Munster!

Arizona State Fairgrounds

1826 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85007



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